Coach Resource: Prevention and Treatment of Pregnancy-Induced Diastasis Recti

A woman’s abdomen expands significantly over the course of the 40 weeks of pregnancy—it stretches and widens to make space for a growing baby, the placenta, and the fluids that will nourish and carry the baby to term.  Original source:

What Is Ideal Body Weight and How to Calculate It 

Ideal body weight, also called lean body weight, is a family of indexes that have been used for almost 150 years. It is used in emergency settings, and its use has been reinforced during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Original source:

The Role of Nutrition in Chronic Disease Prevention 

Humans, like all living things, need to consume food to live. The biological, psychological, and sociocultural need to eat, in fact, is one of the experiences that unite all people.  Original source: