The Role of Amino Acids in Promoting Health 

While plenty of research has been carried out on the importance of an adequate role of complete proteins, over the past several decades researchers have had a growing interest in the specific roles of protein building blocks, called amino acids, in overall health, metabolism, body composition, and sports performance. Original source:

Protein Intake: What’s the Right Amount?

It may surprise you to learn that protein intake guidelines have been the subject of debate among nutrition associations, sports nutritionists, medical doctors, and other professionals with an interest in nutrition.  Original source:

Does Health Coaching Improve Client Wellness? What The Research Says

Certified health and wellness coaches are expert health advisors that use evidence-based methodologies to improve their clients’ health and wellness. Health coaching is a relatively new profession, and it was born out of the public health system’s need to have a more consistent, personal, and long-term presence in people’s lives.  Original source: